Black Pearl focuses possible investment decisions primarily on sectors that are expected to undergo significant changes through digitization and distributed ledger technologies.

Black Pearl is actively looking for investment opportunities in the areas of fintech, digital transformation and digital assets. We are curious about meeting founders with bright ideas and novel technologies, looking for companies ranging from technologies like AI, machine learning and automation to novel business models like digital assets and neobanking.

Our investment approach includes both providing traditional cash-for-equity, and sweat-equity for supporting our partners hands on with consulting services or software development ressources. We believe every project is unique, and successfull investments require tailor made solutions.

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The fintech revolution has already brought fundamental change to the financial services industry. In our view, the rise of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and the associated disintermediation are heralding a second, even more profound fintech revolution. By providing trust and cutting out intermediaries, DLT empowers both customers, and the fintech applications they are using for financial purposes.

Digital Transformation

We believe that Distributed ledger technology (DLT) has the potential to fundamentally change the way business will be done. Smart contracts and other DLT related innovations are opening new horizons regarding the digitalisation of business processes. The internet is evolving from a source of information via internet of things to an internet of trust.

Digital Assets

The use of cryptographic tokens as a means of exchange is still one of the most prominent use cases for blockchain/Distributed ledger technology (DLT). Digital assets have become an asset class of their own, with the potential to deeply disrupt the trillion dollar financial services industry.


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