ICO & STO Management Services
Conduct your Initial Coin Offering, or Security Token Offering with Black Pearl Digital.

ICO Management end-to-end

Black Pearl offers a full range of development, design and support services to support the end-to-end execution of ICO and STO sales.

ICO & STO Consulting

Regulatory Compliance

Black Pearl Digital provides the technical, as well as the regulatory know-how to be compliant with EU laws and guidelines. This enables us to guide our customers through all stages of a regulated Initial Coin Offering or Security Token Offering. Black Pearl structures the client token in close coordination with the German/EU regulatory authorities and – if necessary – supports in issuing a security prospectus for your ICO or STO.

Whitepaper Writing & Design

Whether you want to issue a Utility Token or a Security Token, Black Pearl Digital supports you in the creation of the necessary documentation, a pre-requisite for any token sale. In the case of a traditional utility token, we will help with drafting, editing and proofreading of your whitepaper, as well as designing it in an appealing manner. In the case of a security token, our legal team will provide a security prospectus style document.

Marketing & PR

Our team of experienced and seasoned blockchain marketing professionals will help you in the creation of your website, your pre- and post-ICO social media management, advertising campaign management/media buying and can also provide customer support for your token sale. In addition to this, we can assist in a variety of public relations activities for the print and digital media.

ICO & STO Project Management

Token Sale Coordination

Our team of experienced Project Managers will coordinate the marketing, regulatory and technical components of your ICO in order to ensure a smooth process end-to-end. You will be assigned a single, senior-level direct point of contact in order to support you before, during and after the conclusion of your ICO or STO.


We provide a comprehensive full-service support package. This gives you professional product management and consulting services throughout the entire lifecycle, from concept, through the fundraising phase, and all the post-ICO services you need to support your project.

Filling with German & EU Regulatory Bodies

Black Pearl will file your security prospectus-type of ICO documentation with the German (BaFin) or alternative EU/Swiss regulatory authorities (if applicable or necessary) in order to be compliant with all relevant regulations. This includes multiple filling attempts, if your documentation does not get approved at the first time.

Blockchain Software Solutions

Smart Contract Development

Black Pearl Digital AG develops the customized smart contracts for your ICO. We work with you to define your specific requirements and transform them into a token tailored to your meet your requirements. We are not bound to individual blockchains, networks or programming languages as we are able to develop and customize all kinds of ICO tokens. That being said, our core know-how is around the ERC-20 token standard and its how it interfaces with the ethereum network.

ICO Platform

We can provide, configure and customize a dedicated ICO platform based on your demands. The customization includes front-end modification and the addition of all kinds of crypto-currencies as funding options. Additionally, we provide options for fiat funding by credit card or wire transfer.

Exchange Listing

During and after your ICO, we handle the communication with a variety of crypto-exchanges in the market and negotiate possible listings for your ICO token. In case of listing approval by an exchange, we provide all necessary information for your token listing to the exchange platform.

End to End Support


Black Pearl supports you in the pre-ICO fundraising. Within this phase you raise the capital required for a marketing and sales budget as well as website, platform and MVP development. Typically the pre-ICO phase lasts from one to three months. This phase is not obligatory as you may have the funds for your ICO phase readily available. Often a rebate is granted to contributors of the pre-ICO as there is no MVP available and the investment risk is much higher.


The main ICO constitutes the final fundraising phase. Typically this phase lasts from one to six months. As you may have raised funds within your pre-ICO phase, the budget for this phase should be larger. Normally a MVP has been developed and the community is aware of the ICO project. Black Pearl guides you through the process of investor support and token activity management.


The post-ICO phase includes sales and marketing activities for your product. Also the development from MVP to the final version starts right after the ICO phase. Black Pearl supports you after the fundraising process and helps in getting your product to market.

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