Black Pearl Digital's SecurePearl wallet offers asset managers the capability to buy, sell and administer digital currencies on behalf of their clients without involving a financial intermediary. Additionally the software application includes know-your-customer management ("KYC") as well as performance reporting.

The asset manager operates a master wallet, that eanbles the administration of individual client wallets. Additionally the wallet software enables him to trade digital currencies on connected crypto exchanges.


Clients can follow the execution of all transactions via a web-based user interface as the asset manager trades digital currencies on behalf of them. The asset manager's clients own his private keys as well as the physical storage drive used to store these keys.

The clients' private keys which enable the access to their digital currency holdings are stored in so called "cold storage". This procedure ensures that the physical storage device is not connceted to the internet at any time and thus guarantees high-security storage of the clients' sensitive data.

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