Blockchain Software Development

Black Pearl Digital develop tailored blockchain software solutions for a wide variety of business sectors.

We are an end-to-end Blockchain development team

We offer a turnkey blockchain development service throughout the entire development process end-to-end.

We can work with you during concept phase to help you flesh out your ideas, through pre-production to map out your requirements, and then through design, build and testing ahead of launching your project.

We have a simple development principle with all of our clients; we come in initially as consultants to help you identify the ideal use case to appropriately incorporate blockchain into your business process. Once this has been defined, we will then work closely with all of your internal stakeholders to understand your business goals, and deliver your solution accordingly.


Public Blockchain Development

Public blockchains are completely open and anyone can join and participate in the network.  Many public networks have an incentivisation mechanism to encourage participation, whether through mining, proof-of-work (PoW), proof-of-stake (PoS) or other reward mechanics.

Maintenance of these public ledgers typically requires computational power that is used to achieve consensus between the networks nodes. The open characteristics often imply little or no privacy for transactions. Bitcoin is one of the largest public blockchain networks in production today.

Private Blockchain Development

In contrast to public blockchains, participation in private blockchains is restricted. Access is generally by invitation only, and must be validated by either the entity starting the blockchain, or by a set of rules put in place by the network starter.

Private Blockchains are predominantly business oriented, permissioned networks around specific sectors or business goals in order to improve processes. Once an entity has joined the network, it will play a role in maintaining the blockchain in a decentralized manner.

Custom Cryptocurrency Coin Development

Development of cryptocurrency coins is one of our main areas of expertise as many of our team members have a background in building successful cryptocurrency trading and exchange software.

We leverage our experience and can work closely with you to define all the attributes, features and security requirements that your project needs, and bring your coins quickly and effectively to the market.

Multi-Platform Development

As the blockchain has evolved, there are a number of platforms on which you can build your software. These include Ethereum, Hyperledger, NEM and Stellar, to name a few.

Each of these platforms have their own individual characteristics which encompass maturity, flexibility, development & infrastructure requirements and transaction bandwidth.

We will help you to choose the right platform to fit your project, and develop tailored Enterprise-grade blockchain systems based on your specific requirements.


Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are digital protocols created for validating conditions of a contract between two or more parties. The possibility to write self-executing coded contracts helps to automate business processes, and brings trust to transactions, thus eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Our team has successfully developed a broad range of Smart Contracts. We believe developing smart contracts is equal parts about coding the contract itself, and understanding the available API´s to guarantee smooth integrations of web/mobile applications with contracts and different wallets.

Token Development

The terms “coin” and “token” are often used interchangeabely, with a lot of people being unsure about the exact terminology. Broadly speaking, the difference is all about form vs. function: While a crypto coin is just a means of exchange/payment, crypto tokens have wider functionalities. Coins tend to take the form of native blockchain tokens like bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), while tokens are generally hosted on another blockchain, constituting individual and specific sets of rules. An example of this is the ERC-20 token which many ICO’s have used, or ERC-721 non-fungible tokens popularized by collectibles such as Cryptokitties.

We acknowledge that the line between coins and tokens is not as clear and sharp as many would like it to be. Then again, our approach is quite simple: We focus on on our clients project, and deliver coins or tokens based on their specific requirements – gladly following their terminology of choice.


Decentralized Application Development

Our experienced developers love designing and developing dApps. Firstly we will identify the user stories and components involved, then structure on and off-chain data along with micro-services and database requirements.

Whatever your project might be, we will focus on delivering a scaleable and reliable product, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

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