Black Pearl Digital AG presents

A crypto wallet for asset managers.

Core Features

The SecurePearl Wallet

Our Enterprise-Grade Cryptocurrency Wallet enables asset managers to securely buy, sell and securely store a wide variety of Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies without a third-party financial intermediary.
Manage KYC & AML
Stay compliant with all relevant Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations.
Portfolio Reporting
With our reporting feature, you can quickly and easily review the results of your entire digital asset portfolio at a glance.
Exchange Integration
Secure trading with a range of third party exchanges through our integrated API.
Storage Solutions
Our Storage solutions enable secure deposits and withdrawals of various digital assets.

SecurePearl Features

Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering Management

Our integrated solution provides both internal and external “Know Your Customer” (KYC) & “Anti-Money-Laundering” (AML) checks for your clients.

With compliance with regulations being of paramount importance for any asset manager, SecurePearl includes a complete KYC feature, making the application fully independent from existing software applications. Our platform connects via REST API with any third party software provider, or existing in-house platform.

Portfolio Performance Reporting

An intuitive investment reporting solution

While many markets are opaque, your clients will often demand full transparency. SecurePearl offers a full portfolio performance reporting feature, which gives asset managers the ability to create standard and on-demand performance reports on individual digital assets, or a mix of crypto holdings.

Trade on Crypto Exchanges

Connect to your favourite exchanges

SecurePearl enables asset managers to trade cryptocurrencies on their clients behalf on a number of trusted third-party crypto exchanges. Our execution process is highly automated, for example offering automated deposit/withdraw functions to greatly reduce both the manager’s effort, and the potential for human error. Apart from individual transactions, the application can be used for bulk/programmatic transactions as well, providing you with all means to follow through on specific portfolio strategies.

Secure Storage

The SecurePearl Secure Storage solution provides two different approaches of storing your digital assets. Depending on the particular demands of our customers we provide an hot storage and a cold storage solution.

Hot storage solution

Ideal for clients with high frequency access requirements

Funds held on our hot wallet – i.e. to allow client fund withdrawals – are end to end encrypted, thus minimizing potential attack vectors. Our wallet service as well as blockchain software and your customers private keys are kept under linux system security restricted access and the communication is secured by ip level encryption. Unlike the cold storage, at this version, there is no manual transaction signature process step required and your customers funds are hosted within a secure environment in the cloud.

Cold storage solution

A bespoke cold storage solution for clients’ private keys

Security is the most critical aspect for both clients and asset managers. With SecurePearl, client’s private keys are held in “cold storage”. This means the physical storage device is not connected to the internet at any time, making it extremely resilient to outside attacks. As all physical private key storage space is owned by the client, many jurisdictions do not require asset managers to hold a full banking licence. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and find the most suitable solution for your business.

Storage Features

Supported Currencies

Connect any digital asset

The SecurePearl storage solution enables the custody of all kinds of digital assets. Initially we support the crypto-currency Ethereum and digital assets in form of Ethereum Token (ERC-20), where we can visualize and include

  • up to 77 decimal places for Ethereum Token (ERC-20) and
  • up to 18 decimal places for Ethereum.

System Architecture

Frontend Server

The SecurePearl’s frontend server communicates with all other system components in a read-only mode. Thus, this secure process protects the system against attacks and enables overall system security.

To provide its UI to the public domain, the SecurePearl’s frontend server uses a state-of-the-art webserver and technology stack. Additionally a REST interface enables API access to the SecurePearl wallet.

Backend Server

The VPN-secured backend server enables smooth administration and custodian operations. This server system is not accessible from the public domain.

An asset manager is able to operate the system from the backend server while the administrator can configure the system to the demands of the operator.

Wallet Server

The SecurePearl’s wallet server is either running totally offline within the cold-storage concept or it is only connected to the public domain via the Blockchain by implementing the hot-storage concept.


SecurePearl uses a database cluster for high availability and system stability. This database cluster can be extended with single nodes for higher performance and runs with three instances per default configuration.

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