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Moving blockchain technology from the unregulated “Wild West”, and taking it into  a trustworthy and reliable business environment.


Dr. Michael Hasenstab
Member of the Management Board

After a decade-long career in the financial services industry with positions at leading investment banks such as BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse First Boston, Michael last led small and mid-cap investment bank ACON Actienbank AG. He joined the management board of Black Pearl Digital AG in September 2019 and will drive the strategic and operational development of the company in the near future.


Dr. Jens Bodenkamp

Having studied applied physics and earning a Ph.D as well as a patent, Jens shares a life-long interest in innovation and technology. Having worked at Intel for decades, last as head of their corporate venturing unit in Europe, Jens has in-depth understanding for ground-breaking innovations of all kinds and takes a keen interest in the development of Blockchain-related architectures in the financial as well as “classical”German, production-related industries.

Erich Hoffmann

Being a successful entrepreneur in the technology industry and successfully taking his own company public in 2000, Erich brings decades of experience to Black Pearl Digital AG. He is an investor in many alternative asset classes and follows the development of the crypto-assets very closely for several years.

Joachim Haedke

Serving as member of the Bayrische Landtag for 8 years, Joachim brings a broad knowledge with regard to regulatory and policy making processes to Black Pearl Digital AG. After leaving the political arena, he founded his own company focusing on financing SMEs as well as serving on several supervisory boards. He runs his own family investment office with a heavy focus on alternative asset classes and invests in crypto-assets.


Black Pearl Digital AG enables regulated Initial Coin Offerings (“ICO”) as well as utility token based ICO’s for its clients. We take care of your business model, whitepaper, marketing, technical platform and token listing.

Our team of experts identifies areas of application of blockchain-technology at our clients and portfolio companies, manages the project implementation and supports the full integration, from the beginning right to the end.

We offer our clients within a specific application a full software solution on blockchain basis including conceptualization, design, development, quality assurance and ongoing support. We assist you all the way and find the best bespoke solution for you.

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